The best laid plans….

Full of enthusiasm, ideas and resources we set off on our journey. We are loving it but at the minute we are short of one key ingredient …time! Sometimes ‘life’ has a way of getting all muddled and certainly getting in the way of sewing. Illnesses, work, family commitments, travel have all impeded our plans. We may be down but we are certainly not out. We are ‘ticking along’ until I return from a working trip to China in March. we’ve done a few more ‘not the norm’ presents like this one  of Debbie and Hywel.

img_6233I’ve also been experimenting with some more Free Motion Graffiti – very therapeutic – you can’t get it wrong!


If any of you are from the UK and have a spare half hour – Sheffield Children’s Hospital have an appeal for ‘bonding hearts’ for the parents of premature babies. The mother wears one and one is placed on the baby – then they swap – the scents help with bonding. They are very easy to make.  The pattern  and details are here


Please bear with us – we will be back – ups and downs are just part of the journey. Jane IMG_2571x


3 thoughts on “The best laid plans….

  1. Kelly says:

    First of all, I am a huge fan of your work. Second of all, do you have suggestions on where to start free motion embroidery for the absolute beginner? Books, blogs, how-to’s that would be a help? Thank-you!


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